Benefits of online therapy with Joon

Joon Care

Other online therapy providers

Purpose built for teens



Recovery rates

> 60%


Wait time to start therapy

2 days

Immediate - 2 weeks

Variety of therapists

Guaranteed great match

Few options

Secure and confidential



Parent check-ins



Get Your Therapist Recommendations

Get the best mental health care with Joon

Receive evidence based care

Our approach to client care is based on what works through scientific research.

This means you actually get better.

"Teletherapy done right. The clinical team is excellent at Joon. They really helped me with my mental wellbeing."

Joon Client

Build trust with the same therapist

Therapeutic relationship helps make therapy effective. Unlike other places, you build that magic with a dedicated, licensed Joon expert.

It matters that you see the same therapist who remembers what you’ve said big and small to help connect the dots.

"My teenager was resistant to therapy and Joon made it easy for him to engage with his therapist. It was a very positive experience."

Parent of Joon Client

Gain life long skills

75% of lifelong mental health problems begin between the ages of 13-24.

Our interactive skills help you outside of therapy. You get to build your own toolkit for regulating emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

"I have developed excellent skills that will help me throughout my life. Thank you!"

Joon Client

Improve your mental health today

Your care plan adjusts with you.

We use proprietary, modular care with scientific measurements to meet you wherever you are. Our results speak for themselves.

"We want to thank you for your time and effort supporting our daughter over the past months. We really do feel that she’s in a better place now."

Parent of Joon Client

Demonstrated Effectiveness

Joon Care outcomes meet or exceed industry standards for outpatient therapy for depression and anxiety. Learn more about our high effectiveness rates.

Recovery from

Recovery from

Our team of therapists has experience helping teens and young adults with:

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Self-injury

- Behavioral health

- Family & relationship problems

- Trauma/loss

- Academic problems

- Stress management

- LGBTQIA concerns

- Self-esteem

- And more…

Get Matched With a Therapist

We do not currently provide the following services: psychiatric care/medication management; intensive outpatient or day treatment programs; executive function coaching; addiction services; group therapy.

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