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Help with Stress

The lives of teens and young adults are filled with stressors – school, extracurricular activities, peers, romantic relationships and family relationships to name a few. There is no way to avoid stress, so learning to handle stress in adaptive and effective ways is an important skill. Difficulties with healthy stress management may cause other problems, such as depressed or anxious mood or maladaptive coping behaviors like substance use or self-injury.

Does your teen need help with stress? Our team of trained mental health professionals is here to help.


Worth a watch

Growing up Stressed or Growing up Mindful?

Christopher Willard | TEDxYouth@GDRHS

Teens are the most stressed population in America. Learn how simple mindfulness exercises not only physically change our brain for the better, but also help our response to stress.

Teen stress from a teen perspective

Michaela Horn | TEDxNaperville

A simple experiment to discover what stresses high school students leads to disturbing results that soon become a story on their own. Michaela Horn shares her journey, results, and the alarming turn of events that unfolded.

Have a question about seeking care for stress? Our team of trained mental health professionals is here to help.

Joon uses a predominantly cognitive-behavioral approach to help clients identify and cope with stress in healthy and adaptive ways. Our trained clinicians help youth learn to cope with stressful situations in skillful ways. Therapy is always tailored to the client’s specific needs, but may include stress management skills such as distracting when distressed, accepting difficult situations, making wise choices, reframing, and meaning-making. Live video-therapy sessions are paired with app-based skills practice, and progress is tracked regularly using validated assessments.