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Effective therapy for teens.

Joon® integrates the benefits of one-on-one therapy sessions with a mobile app-based experience and support and resources for parents and guardians.

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Therapy Sessions

Convenient, scheduled, one-on-one therapy with qualified professionals.

Skills library and mood tracking features

Skill Building

Interactive tools to support skill building and individual well-being.

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Support for Parents and Guardians

Therapist check-ins, articles, and online resources.

Joon is evidence-based and skills-focused.

Our approach is based on current research and established best practices for youth mental health. Learn more about the scope of care we provide and how we personalize treatment for each individual and family.




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Our Scope of Care


Why Joon Care?

All therapists at Joon specialize in working with the unique mental health needs of teens and young adults. Your therapist will personalize care to your specific needs while using a primarily evidence-based and skills-focused approach to help you or your child make the changes they want to make. Please ask the consulting clinician for more information to help you make an informed choice about therapy.

How does Joon therapy work?

Visit our Scope of Care page to discover our full process, conditions we treat, and personalized skills and goals you or your teen will develop during therapy.

How long do clients typically receive therapy?

At Joon, all care is personalized so this will be different for everyone. You will work with your therapist who will develop a treatment plan to achieve your goals. You have the flexibility to receive all of the support you need to overcome challenges and lead a positive life. We bill monthly and you can cancel anytime.

What do you mean by evidence-based treatment?

"Evidence-based assessment and treatment" means we take what the science tells us about what causes mental health problems and what works to treat mental health problems, and then apply that scientific information to develop a treatment plan for each client. We use scientifically-validated measures and a clinical interview to collect information on your symptoms (assessment) and use strategies in therapy that have been shown to be effective in scientific studies (treatment).

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) has been shown in numerous studies to be effective in reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, and other common mental health problems. This approach emphasizes that negative thinking patterns and maladaptive behaviors may cause and maintain mental health problems. Thus, CBT works to help people change those negative thinking patterns and replace unhelpful behaviors with more adaptive ones.

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