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Welcome to Joon!

As a clinical psychologist specializing in adolescent mental health, I have been on the front line observing the rise in anxiety and depression among youth and young adults. As a researcher and university professor, this has been my area of focus for 20 years.

The need for accessible, quality mental health care is as high today as it’s ever been. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately half of 13-24 years-olds will experience a mental health disorder. COVID-19 has only amplified the high levels of anxiety, depression and stress among youth. In fact, our research indicates that since quarantining began, teens and young adults are reporting significantly more loneliness, anger and suicidal thoughts.

Equally concerning, about two thirds of youth and young adults with diagnosable depression or anxiety will not receive any counseling or support. Today, there are simply too many barriers to accessing mental health care.

Fortunately, there is an extensive body of research that shows how to help developing minds learn to manage stress, regulate emotions, cope with anxiety and depression, and be more resilient. And, because most lifetime mental health conditions emerge between ages 13 and 24, this is the best time to teach these life-long mental health skills.

In partnership with Joon Care co-founder, Josh Herst, and an amazing team of clinicians, developers and designers, I’m excited to be on the forefront of leveraging technology to bring this research to life. Together, we can make quality mental health care accessible to more youth and families.

Our vision is to create a new model for mental health care, designed specifically for youth and young adults, that integrates the benefits of one-on-one therapy sessions with a mobile app-based experience. Our approach is evidence-based, skills-focused and personalized for each individual client.

If you are the parent or guardian of a teenager (age 13+) or you are a young adult (18+) and are interested in learning about Joon's teletherapy service or if you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you. We are currently accepting clients in California, Oregon and Washington State and will be expanding to more states in the months ahead.

Thank you.
Dr. Amy Mezulis, Co-Founder & Chief Psychologist

Meet Our Team

Amy Mezulis, PhD

Co-Founder & Chief Psychologist

Licensed clinical psychologist & Professor of Clinical Psychology at Seattle Pacific University. Clinical and research expertise in adolescent mental health.

Josh Herst

Co-Founder & CEO

Over 20 years of business and product leadership with Microsoft, Expedia and multiple startups. Most recently CEO of Walk Score.

David Alber

Director of Engineering

Over 12 years experience building mobile and web-based platforms and user experiences. Most recently Technical Lead at Redfin.

Joon Shin

Director of Design

A decade of crafting digital experiences for consumer and enterprise. Most recently Design Lead at Pioneer Square Labs.

Michelle Kuhn, PhD

Director of Clinical Care

Licensed clinical psychologist with clinical and research expertise in evidence-based interventions for youth and their parents.

Katey Nicolai, PhD

Director of Clinical Care

Licensed clinical psychologist with expertise in adolescent mental health, trauma, depression, self-injury and suicidality.

Greg Gottesman


Extensive experience in early-stage investing, startup growth, and marketplace businesses. Founder of Rover.com. Managing Director at Pioneer Square Labs.

Interested in joining us?

Drop us a line at jobs@joon.com to learn more about opportunities available at Joon. We would love to get to know you.