LGBTQ SAVES Partners with Joon to Provide Affirming Therapy for LGBTQ+ Teens and Young Adults

LGBTQ SAVES ( provides safe and brave spaces for LGTBQ+ youth for their social and personal development, providing resources and training. Their mission is to create a community where all youth are safe. 

Joon ( is delivering a new, world class model for mental health care specifically for the needs of 13-26-year-olds. The model integrates the benefits of one-on-one live therapy sessions with convenient self-directed skills practice, all in a mobile app. The approach is safer, easier for young people to reliably access, welcoming, evidence-based, skills-focused, and always tailored to each client. 

Recognizing both an unmet need for therapy that honors LGBTQ SAVES’ mission and Joon’s  safe and welcoming model for mental health care, we’re all proud to announce a partnership. LGBTQ SAVES’ community is connected to and able to access Joon, effective immediately. LGBTQ SAVES members can request and quickly receive a Joon therapist match by visiting this site.

 "As CEO of Joon, and a trans woman, I am honored to announce our partnership with LGBTQ SAVES, a beacon of hope and support for the greater Fort Worth community. The work of Founder and Executive Director Sharon Herrera and her team over the last 14 years is an inspiration to me. Her tireless support to empower and uplift those who have faced adversity, fostering a space where everyone can be safe and thrive, is exactly what drives us at Joon. Our collaboration signifies an unwavering commitment to invest in our youth, welcoming them as they are and empowering them to navigate a world which, unfortunately, is not nearly kind enough." said Emily Pesce.

Joon’s team of licensed therapists treat a wide variety of needs including anxiety, depression, gender identity, suicidal ideation, self-harm, stress, and other related conditions. Joon is powered by a mobile app purpose-built to support adolescents by respecting their unique needs. Joon’s clients get a personalized treatment plan built with their carefully selected therapist that, in addition to live sessions, includes simple, empowering tools, available anytime.

The approach works. In Joon’s latest data, 78% of clients recovered from clinical levels of anxiety and 71% from clinical levels of depression, within 12-16 weeks, far surpassing comparable in-person therapy.  

Joon is in-network with many insurance providers, including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, and provides a discount to LGBTQ SAVES members who self-pay. Additionally, there are grant funds available to cover the cost available to those qualifying for financial aid. 

“We are excited to partner with Joon,” said Sharon Herrera, Founder and Executive Director. “LGBTQ SAVES was founded in 2010 when LGBTQ+ youth suicide made national news. We are here to save lives and our new partnership with Joon will help us succeed in our mission.”

By visiting the following link, LGBTQ SAVES members can request a Joon therapist match and receive discounted rates when they get started.

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April 17, 2024
Tracy Stride | VP of Partnerships

Tracy Stride | VP of Partnerships

Tracy runs partnerships at Joon and helps build and grow relationships with partners looking for mental health resources. She is constantly looking to support other organizations and their customers, clients, students, and users. To learn more about partnering with Joon, reach out to her at

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