Joon effectiveness data for tenn and young adult therapy.

Results are in: Online Therapy with Joon Works for Teens and Young Adults

There is a mental health crisis among teens and young adults. The US Surgeon General called the current situation “devastating” for youth and their families. Rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide are skyrocketing among this age group—there’s been a 65% increase in depression since 2010 and suicide is the second leading cause of death among 10-24 year olds. At least 1 in 5 teens is living with a mental health condition.

Growing up is hard enough without mental health struggles. It is critical that we find ways to identify and treat mental health problems in youth to avoid long-term consequences. Early detection, prevention, and intervention can make all the difference. The good news is that there are scientifically-proven ways to prevent and treat mental health problems among youth.

At Joon, our purpose is improving the mental health of adolescents. We are working to make evidence-based treatments accessible and engaging to teens, young adults, and their families. Our approach is unique in combining the best of live therapy sessions with a mobile app that includes opportunities to apply the skills learned in therapy to everyday life. We hire only experienced licensed therapists passionate about changing the lives of youth and train them further to deliver the high-quality Joon model of care. 

And our clients say that Joon Care works! Some recent parent testimonials: 

  • “I was especially happy about the rapport my child’s therapist established with my child. He was such a good fit! The entire process with Joon was simple and easy; everyone was very supportive.” Parent of a 13 year old
  • "My son was resistant to therapy and Joon made it easy for him to engage with his therapist. It was a very positive experience." - Parent of a 23 year old
  • “To see the light in my child’s eyes again...I just can’t thank you enough.” - Parent of a 16 year old

Joon Care delivers results that matter

We regularly evaluate our therapeutic outcomes to ensure our model of care is effective and that clients are getting better. 

One important indicator of good outcomes is recovery rate. Recovery means that clients who started Joon Care with high levels of depression or anxiety have gotten better, to the point that their depression or anxiety is back to a normal, subclinical range. 

The vast majority of Joon clients recover from anxiety or depression after treatment. 

Graphs showing Joon clients recover from clinical anxiety at a 75% rate compared to 43% from other in-person therapy. For clinical depression, Joon clients recover at a 71 rate while only 27% recover from other in-person therapy.

Our results exceed those found in most studies of in-person therapy with 13-24 year olds.

Why Does Joon Care Exceed Traditional In-Person Therapy?

  1. Joon meets teens and young adults on their own terms with the technology they are used to. Teens and young adults prefer online therapy, because it is more convenient, takes less effort, and offers more privacy.  This allows them to be more engaged in therapy. More engaged = better outcomes.
  2. The Joon mobile app makes it fun and easy for adolescents to practice skills, track progress, and provide feedback. This helps extend the progress made in therapy sessions into everyday life so that results are lasting.
  3. Joon supports therapists in delivering high quality, evidence-based care. The Joon therapist platform includes session planning content, real-time client data about symptoms and skills practice, and continuing education so that therapists can easily personalize treatment to each unique client.

For questions about Joon, reach out to us at


*Kessler RC, Berglund P, Demler O, Jin R, Merikangas KR, Walters EE. (2005). Lifetime Prevalence and Age-of-Onset Distributions of DSM-IV Disorders in the National Comorbidity Survey Replication. Archives of General Psychiatry, 62 (6) pp. 593-602. doi:10.1001/archpsyc.62.6.593.


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August 14, 2023
Amy Mezulis, PhD | Co-Founder & Chief Clinical Officer

Amy Mezulis, PhD | Co-Founder & Chief Clinical Officer

Amy Mezulis, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist who received her BA from Harvard University and her MA and PhD in Clinical Psychology from University of Wisconsin – Madison. Dr. Mezulis provides services to older children, adolescents and adults utilizing an evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral approach that includes mindfulness and acceptance-based treatments. Dr. Mezulis has specialized training in mood and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, suicidality and self-injury, trauma, substance use, and adolescent development. She is Professor Emeritus at Seattle Pacific University, where she previously chaired the Clinical Psychology PhD program and continues to supervise doctoral trainees.

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