Announcing the Joon Care Scholarship Fund for Students pursuing careers in mental health.

Announcing the Joon Care Scholarship Fund

It seems like everyday we hear a new headline about the mental health decline of our teens and young adults. Just last week, CBS reported that “78% of New York City teachers say students' mental health is worse today compared with before the pandemic.”

At Joon, we know that there are solutions to improve mental health. And, we believe that technology will play a fundamental role in how we address mental health and work towards solving our mental health crisis. What exactly will this look like? We have ideas, but we also want to encourage students who are pursuing degrees in mental health, to think about these challenges. Building on the success of our Student Advisory Board who provide invaluable feedback, we want to learn from the next generation and the young adults who are impacted most. Together, we will imagine innovative solutions. That’s why this fall we are introducing the Joon Care Scholarship.

We are inviting undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in mental health care to apply for our inaugural scholarship. To apply, visit our scholarship page to learn more and submit your application.

This year’s prompt is on the relationship between mental health and technology:

We know that technology has the ability to both improve and impair mental health. What tangible steps can we take to move towards a world where technology consistently improves mental health care and access to care? How does technology impact the next generation of mental health care?

This scholarship is a way to get more young, brilliant minds on a problem that affects nearly everyone–be it directly or indirectly. We hope to promote discussion, lead to more ideation, and ultimately push mental health care forward.

To learn more about the scholarship and apply, visit our scholarship page.

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September 14, 2022
Chris Caskey | Marketing Manager

Chris Caskey | Marketing Manager

Chris leads marketing and growth at Joon Care. He is spearheading expansion to new states to make Joon's services available to teens and young adults nation wide. Outside of Joon, Chris loves playing guitar, volleyball, and being outdoors.

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