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Our team has been hard at work expanding our innovative web and mobile platform that enables Joon therapists to deliver evidence-based, skills-focused and personalized care to clients. Study after study is showing that COVID-19 and associated stressors — including social isolation, remote learning, and loss of activities — are contributing to a rise in depression, loneliness and suicide-related behaviors among teens and young adults. Joon Care is here to help.

Joon’s mobile app makes it easy and convenient for clients to engage in therapy from any private place and includes tools and on-demand resources, such as guided meditations, to help clients practice and employ the skills they learn in treatment. Watch this video tour to see how Joon Care works:

Getting started is easy

Clients are typically able to schedule a free consultation within one business day and an initial intake session to get to know their therapist shortly thereafter.

Our diverse and growing team of therapists includes clinicians with a wide range of degrees and specialties. Everyone on our clinical team has experience supporting 13-24 year olds coping with anxiety, stress and depression. And each of our therapists offer a distinct mix of skills and expertise that ranges from working with clients with co-occurring medical conditions to disordered eating, self-injury and trauma. This broad set of providers enables our Care Coordinators to match clients with therapists who have the right skills and experience.

Added support for parents

Joon understands that for clients under 18 and/or still living at home, therapy works best when parents can understand and support their teen’s progress. Scheduled parent check-ins are included with most Joon Care subscriptions, and clients are now able to request additional family counseling sessions with their dedicated therapist.  Parent check-ins and family sessions incorporate parents into treatment (as desired by clients and/or recommended by therapists), and help parents stay up-to-date about their child’s progress.

We’ve also recently launched a monthly newsletter for parents and guardians of teens and young adults that is full of practical mental health tips and resources, all carefully selected and edited by our clinical leadership team.  Visit our Resources page to subscribe.

Please let us know if you have any questions.  We welcome your feedback.

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March 15, 2021
Josh Herst | Co-Founder & Board Member

Josh Herst | Co-Founder & Board Member

Josh Herst is a baseball dad, outdoor enthusiast, history reader, science believer, and social entrepreneur. Josh has over 20 years of business and product leadership experience at Microsoft, Expedia and multiple startups including as the founding CEO of Walk Score and Joon Care.

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