Joon Care Therapist Spotlight on Connie Guy

What is it like working at Joon Care?

Connie Guy is a licensed mental health counselor and clinician with Joon Care. We got together with her to share her experience at Joon and discuss the care she provides for clients.

To start, can you tell us about how you currently provide therapy? How do you like to work with your clients?

I provide therapy through the Joon Care platform and provide cognitive behavior therapy with coping skill coaching. I also work for a group therapy clinic located in Marysville. I like to use humor, warmth and empathy in sessions with clients and love to have a balance of listening and talking in sessions.  

Why did you choose to work with Joon Care?

I worked with Joon when it started initially and loved the platform, the collaboration with the other therapists as well as the clients and parents that I had the opportunity to work with.  I am so excited to be coming back to Joon as I love working with emerging adults and helping them to become their very best selves. 

Have you worked with other telehealth companies in the past? 

I’ve worked in a number of different settings.  I’ve worked in group therapy settings, in private practice and for other teletherapy companies.  I’ve worked with other mental health counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers as well as working in the school system with educators and school professionals. 

How is working with Joon Care different from working with other group practices?

I love the ability to actively coach clients with coping strategies and get more immediate feedback on how those skills are working for them. I love the platform and how open Joon is to therapists as far as what works and what doesn’t and how they take that feedback into consideration as they continue to update their service.  And I love the collaboration with other therapists,  clients and other involved persons (parents and others) to support the clients to be successful.

"What makes Joon Care different is the collaboration and their openness to feedback."

What role does Joon's clinical community have in your experience as a Joon therapist?

The role that the clinical community plays is huge!  It challenges me to be a better therapist, helps me to think “outside the box” in treating my clients, and inspires me to be present and to show up as the best possible human and clinician that I can for my clients and for my colleagues.  

How does Joon Care’s platform support the care you deliver to your clients?

It allows me to shape what skills are going to be most helpful to my clients. I can see if the activities I assign my clients are working or if I need to adjust my approach. I am then able to identify the highest priority for treatment for each individual client.

"Joon provides individual care instead of cookie cutter care." 

Joon’s therapists consistently show high effectiveness rates in helping teens and young adults recover from clinical anxiety and depression. What does it mean to you to be a part of that?

I am so proud to be part of this clinical community. I am honored to be chosen to be a part of this valuable calling to improve adolescent and young adult healthcare. 

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July 6, 2022
Connie Guy | Joon Therapist

Connie Guy | Joon Therapist

Connie Guy is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Washington. She loves working with teenagers and young adults because "it’s so incredible to walk with them through becoming their own person and creating the life they want for themselves. It’s an honor and privilege to watch them transform into the best version of themselves."

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