Mental Health Care for Teens and Young Adults Dealing with Cancer

We Are Here is a social-impact community dedicated to addressing the daily needs of people affected by cancer.  Founded by cancer survivors and caregivers, their platform utilizes the power of AI in synergy with human touch to provide immediate and personalized access to the resources, guidance, and services needed to make every day life easier during and after cancer.

We Are Here understands first-hand that cancer takes a significant toll on mental health, which is just as crucial to address as physical health treatments. That’s where a partnership with Joon was forged.

Joon is a teletherapy service for teens and young adults. Joon’s clinical team treats anxiety, depression, stress and related conditions and is powered by a mobile app and therapist platform that is purpose-built to support and empower 13-24 year-olds. Joon accepts insurance or provides a discount to We Are Here members.

We Are Here’s community members can access Joon's online therapy for themselves if they are under 25 years old, or for their children who are 13 and older and impacted by cancer. No need to arrange transportation to get to that therapy session — therapy sessions are accessed anywhere with a phone or iPad. In addition to a personalized treatment plan with a dedicated licensed therapist, they also get skill-building resources on-demand that help them thrive in between therapy sessions.  

We Are Here members can sign up for mental health support today.

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August 22, 2023
Chris Caskey | Marketing Manager

Chris Caskey | Marketing Manager

Chris leads marketing and growth at Joon Care. He is spearheading expansion to new states to make Joon's services available to teens and young adults nation wide. Outside of Joon, Chris loves playing guitar, volleyball, and being outdoors.

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