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Video: How to Help Your Teen Stay Motivated at Home

Parents, are your children spending hours locked in their room or on devices? Video games and Snapchat winning out over schoolwork and chores? Are you struggling to keep your teen/young adult motivated? COVID-19 has taken a toll on all of us, but we've heard from many parents that lack of motivation has been a big challenge at home.

In this webinar, panelists Dr. Amy Mezulis, Dr. Michelle Khun and, special guest, Dr. Monica Kowalski discuss the research on motivation as it relates to youth and young adults, and share practical tips and insight on how we can help teens and young adults stay motivated during this unusual time.

In this informative session you'll learn:

  • Why teens/young adults lack motivation for online learning, chores, and daily tasks.
  • How to identify what is normal motivation at these ages and during this time.
  • Practical strategies to encourage motivation in teens and young adults.

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Resources we shared during the webinar:

Help Your Teen Find Motivation | Dr. Michelle Kuhn

If you have a teenager, chances are you've had a conflict over motivation in the last 24 hours. These conflicts are frustrating, and leave many parents asking, “Why do I have to push so hard?” The answer may lie in your teen’s developing brain; specifically, their brain’s reward pathways and their prefrontal cortex.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

In The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, author Sean Covey applies the principles of the 7 Habits to teens and the tough issues and life-changing decisions they face. Covey provides a guide to help teens improve self-image, build friendships, resist peer pressure, achieve their goals, get along with their parents, and more.

Teens & Young Adults: Setting and Achieving Goals that Matter to Me

This book for teens and young adults covers how to set and achieve goals, identify hobbies, talents, interests, aptitudes and aspirations. The book includes practice pages for personal goal-setting, for example, how to be sure you are dreaming "big enough" for YOU.

Teaching the Gift of Failure

Teacher, author, and education journalist Jessica Lahey breaks down the research on motivation, resilience and learning, and explains how autonomy-supportive parenting and teaching not only boosts kids' motivation, but improves educational outcomes.

Please let us know if there are topics you would like us to cover in future webinars.

And, finally, a huge thank you to Monica Kowalski for joining us for this webinar!

May 8, 2020
Amy Mezulis, PhD | Co-Founder & Chief Clinical Officer

Amy Mezulis, PhD | Co-Founder & Chief Clinical Officer

Amy Mezulis, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist who received her BA from Harvard University and her MA and PhD in Clinical Psychology from University of Wisconsin – Madison. Dr. Mezulis provides services to older children, adolescents and adults utilizing an evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral approach that includes mindfulness and acceptance-based treatments. Dr. Mezulis has specialized training in mood and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, suicidality and self-injury, trauma, substance use, and adolescent development. She is Professor Emeritus at Seattle Pacific University, where she previously chaired the Clinical Psychology PhD program and continues to supervise doctoral trainees.

Michelle Kuhn, PhD | Clinical Advisor

Michelle Kuhn, PhD | Clinical Advisor

Michelle Kuhn, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist who received her BA from The George Washington University and her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Seattle Pacific University. Dr. Kuhn provides services to children, adolescents, and their families, utilizing evidence-based behavioral and cognitive-behavioral approaches. She has specialized training in mood and anxiety disorders, suicidality and self-injury, attention and behavior problems, and trauma. Dr. Kuhn also researches new treatments for children and their families in the field of neurodevelopment disorders.

Monica Kowalski, PhD | Associate Director, ACE

Monica Kowalski, PhD | Associate Director, ACE

Dr. Monica Kowalski, PhD, is the Associate Director for the Program Evaluation and Research and a faculty member of the ACE Teaching Fellows program and Remick Leadership Program. She currently teaches courses in the ACE Teaching Fellows and Remick Leadership Programs.

Kowalski graduated from the ACE Teaching Fellows program, where she taught second grade in Jackson, Mississippi, while earning a master's degree in education. After ACE, she worked in Notre Dame undergraduate admissions for three years before pursuing further graduate studies.

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