Research: New Data on Student Stress and Self-Confidence

At Joon Care, we are committed to providing high-quality, evidence-based mental health care that is both engaging and personalized for each individual client. To do this, it is essential that we listen to and understand the clients and communities that we serve.

Our clinical leadership, led by Dr. Amy Mezulis, and our skilled team of Joon Care therapists in California, Texas, Washington and Oregon (more states coming!) are constantly providing feedback on how we can continue to improve our service. And our Student Advisory Board, a group of bright, curious and dedicated high school students, adds a teen perspective to our work.

In addition, we have been fortunate to partner with the team at Fiveable to survey their student community about the mental health challenges they face. To date, we have surveyed over a thousand teens and young adults and have gained new insights about the frequency and severity of mental health challenges among this population.

One of the most common mental health challenges we hear is stress. For many, it is a constant presence. In fact, we found that 75% of students surveyed feel very stressed at least 5 days per week. For these students, stress shows up not only in their mind but also their mood and behavior. And 95% of teens surveyed said that they do not feel as though they have good stress coping skills.

In addition to stress, we have also found many teens and young adults are struggling with their self-confidence. 83% of students we surveyed believe their lack of self-confidence has adverse effects on their academic performance and 98% were looking to improve their self-confidence.

Teens are facing these challenges but often keep the issues to themselves and their closest peers. And, because of this, mental health challenges frequently go unaddressed.

At Joon, we hope to improve the conversation about mental health. We know that we can only begin to solve these problems after we acknowledge them and share our experiences with others. That’s why it is important that we continue to add to the information and services we offer to teens, young adults and their families. To that end, our team has been busy aggregating resources, writing articles and sharing information via our website, newsletter and partner organizations who share our mission. Please let us know if there are topics that you'd like us to address next. 

We are also launching a new group stress management program for teens and young adults. Our goal is to help students recognize and manage stress more effectively. It is a great opportunity for individuals looking to gain tools for dealing with stress and a welcoming introduction to therapy for students who may not be sure if therapy is necessary or useful, or are hesitant about working one-on-one with a therapist.

As always, we welcome your comments and feedback. Please feel free to email us at any time. Thank you!

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July 27, 2021
Josh Herst | Co-Founder & Board Member

Josh Herst | Co-Founder & Board Member

Josh Herst is a baseball dad, outdoor enthusiast, history reader, science believer, and social entrepreneur. Josh has over 20 years of business and product leadership experience at Microsoft, Expedia and multiple startups including as the founding CEO of Walk Score and Joon Care.

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