We help young people thrive

Joon Care provides expert mental health care from the comfort of your home. Our therapists deliver highly effective one-on-one therapy via a platform teens and young adults love — an app.

Regular, weekly therapy sessions with a dedicated therapist - all through our mobile app.

With Joon, getting therapy is easy - no driving, no waiting rooms. All you need is a smart phone to receive face-to-face therapy and personalized resources.

Therapy that works for teens & young adults

From ages 13-24, we face unique challenges as we rapidly grow from youth to adulthood. Our therapy is specifically designed for those challenges.

And it works. Our clients receive one-on-one therapy via an app they can use from home, making it easy to stay engaged and see progress.

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Learn more about our results

Recovery from
Clinical Anxiety

Chart showing 77% improvement from Clinical Anxiety using Joon Care compared to 43% improvement using in-person therapy.

Recovery from
Clinical Depression

Chart showing 63% improvement from Clinical Depression using Joon Care compared to 27% improvement using other in-person therapy.

Diverse team of therapists experienced working with teens and young adults

All of our therapists are qualified professionals who have spent years working with teens and young adults. With a diverse range of backgrounds and therapy styles, we have the perfect clinician to meet your or your child’s needs.

We help with these common teen and young adult mental health issues:

Feeling anxious or worried

Feeling depressed or sad

Feeling unmotivated or lost

Having problems with friends

Having problems with family

Self confidence issues

Feeling stress or overwhelmed

Having thoughts of self harm

Having sleep troubles

Grieving / going through a loss

Trauma / PTSD

And more!

Things to know before you get started

Image of text "13-26" in a large font and the words "years old" underneath in smaller text.

Joon is exclusively for teens and young adults.

Icon showing two phones—one an iPhone, the other Android.

Access therapy and skills from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device

Simple map of the US showing dots on states served by Joon: WA, OR, CA, TX, PA, NY, DE.

Available in California, Delaware, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington.

Drawing of a slinky to represent adaptability.

Personalized therapy, weekly sessions.

Benefits of 1:1 virtual therapy

Joon Care

In person

Recovery rates



Variety of therapists

Choose your match

Few options

Wait time to start therapy

2 days

Up to 3 months

Easy and convenient

Get therapy at home

Travel to an office

Secure and confidential



Designed for teens



Parent check ins



Cost per session

Starting at $125

$150 - $300

What our clients are saying…

“My son was resistant to therapy and Joon made it easy for him to engage with his therapist. It was a very positive experience.”
-Mother of an 18 year-old

“The Joon platform is very convenient and working out well. It’s definitely been a positive experience for us!”
-Father of a 14 year-old

“We want to thank you for your time and effort supporting our daughter over the past months. We really do feel that she’s in a better place now.”
-Mother of a 23 year-old

“We so appreciate all you’ve done to help our daughter with her anxiety.”
-Mother of a 13 year-old

African-American father and son looking at each other smiling. Additional colorful circles around them.

Start the journey towards better mental health today!

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