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Help with Low Motivation

Motivation is the internal drive to do things – the desire, will, and ability to pursue personal interests and goals. Many teens and young adults struggle with low motivation, which can show up as feeling bored or lethargic. It can also materialize as not caring about activities such as school, work, extracurriculars, or exercise, or having a hard time finding the energy to do things even when they care about them. Low motivation often co-occurs with depression or anxiety, and can be one way that stress shows up in this age group. Low motivation can interfere with academic performance and negatively impact family and peer relationships.

Does your teen need help with motivation? Our team of trained mental health professionals is here to help.


Worth a watch

How to help teens find motivation

Dr. Michelle Kuhn | Joon

If you have a teenager, chances are you have had a conflict over motivation. These conflicts are frustrating, and leave many parents asking, “Why do I have to push so hard?” The answer may lie in your teen’s developing brain; specifically, their brain’s reward pathways and their prefrontal cortex.

Helping Teens Stay Motivated at Home

Dr. Amy Mezulis | Joon

Parents, are your children spending hours locked in their room or on devices? Video games and Snapchat winning out over schoolwork and chores? The stress of COVID-19 has taken a toll on all of us, but we've heard from many parents that lack of motivation has been a big challenge at home.

The ABCs of Promoting Positive Motivation

Dr. Monica Kowalski | Joon

Self-Determination Theory teaches that motivation flourishes when three basic human needs are met: Autonomy, Belonging and Competence.

Teaching the Gift of Failure

Jessica Lahey | SXSW

Veteran teacher, author, and education journalist Jessica Lahey breaks down the research on motivation, resilience and learning, and explains how autonomy-supportive parenting and teaching not only boosts kids' motivation, but improves educational outcomes.

Have a question about seeking care for motivation? Our team of trained mental health professionals is here to help.

Joon uses a predominantly cognitive-behavioral approach to help adolescents and young adults improve motivation and performance. Using a combination of motivational interviewing, goal-setting, and problem-solving, our trained clinicians help individuals develop step-by-step approaches to regain confidence and be effective. Live video-therapy sessions are paired with app-based skills practice, and progress is tracked regularly using validated assessments.