Scope of care

The adolescent and young adult years can be challenging. Many youth experience increases in stress that can contribute to mental health problems. Our licensed and trained therapists are here to support teens and young adults for a wide range of concerns.

- Academic problems

- Anxiety

- Body Image

- Depression

- Disordered Eating

- Family & Relationships

- Gender/Sexual Identity

- Grief/Loss

- Health Management/Changes

- Life Transitions

- LGBTQIA+ Informed Care

- Mood disorders

- Motivation & Goal setting

- Neurodevelopmental Disorders

- Self-esteem

- Self-injury

- Stress Management

- Trauma

- And more…

Personalized roadmap

After your intake session, your therapist will create a personalized therapy roadmap that summarizes the details of your concerns, goals and the recommended treatment.


Before the intake appointment, you (and your parent if under 18) will complete some intake questionnaires. You'll answer questions on your current symptoms and concerns, your past treatment history and any relevant medical information. During the intake appointment, your therapist will review these materials with you plus talk with you in greater detail about why you are seeking therapy. The goal is for the therapist to get to know you, understand your current concerns, and work with you to identify treatment goals.

Treatment goals

During the intake appointment, you will work with your therapist to identify the changes you'd like to make in your life. Some examples may be to improve mood, reduce anxiety, develop better coping skills, improve sleep, increase motivation for school, and many more - together you will work collaboratively to identify your personal treatment goals.


After the intake appointment - within 24 hours - your therapist will summarize your current concerns/symptoms, articulate your treatment goals, and propose a recommended roadmap for treatment. If you agree with the recommended plan and feel your therapist is a good match, you can accept the roadmap and subscribe to treatment.

Goal oriented treatment modules

Treatment modules are groups of skills designed to target a specific therapy goal. Each module has a variety of skills that your therapist can personalize to effectively address your unique concerns.

Positive Thinking

Skills to help individuals develop more positive ways to think about themselves and the world.

Relaxation & Stress Management

Skills to help individuals learn to recognize and manage stress, and calm down when feeling overwhelmed.

Coping Skills

Skills to help individuals cope with stressful situations in skillful ways.

Problem Solving & Goal Setting

Skill to help make changes in life, such as school performance, activity levels, or problem behaviors.

Better Sleep

Skills that help improve sleep through evidence-based practices.

Communication & Relationships

Skills that help individuals improve relationships with peers, family, and teachers.

Ongoing practice via mobile app

During each live therapy session, your clinician will guide you through a new skill selected specifically for your unique needs. Our app includes,

  • Videos
  • Reading material
  • Guided meditations
  • Mood tracking
  • Interactive quizzes
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We're laser-focused on effective therapy for teens

All our therapists provide evidence-based 1-1 therapy and skills practice for teens and young adults. We do not currently provide psychiatric care, medication management, intensive outpatient or day treatment programs, executive function coaching, addiction services, or group therapy.

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